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Symptom Series: Curbing Your Backpain

Symptom Series: Curbing Your Back Pain blog

Hey there, sleep seekers! Welcome to our Symptom Series, where we tackle a typical villain that disturbs our dreams - back pain! You know the struggle is real if you've ever woken up with a cranky back. But fret not because we're about to dive into the epic quest of finding the ultimate mattress to slay that back pain dragon! So grab your popcorn (or maybe a cozy pillow), and let's roll!

The Firmness Feels

Okay, so first things first - the firmness factor. We've all heard tales of the mythical rock-hard mattress that's supposed to save our backs, but hold on a sec! It turns out that is only sometimes true. If it feels like you're sleeping on a brick, your back might not appreciate it. On the flip side, if your mattress is sinking you in like quicksand, that's no good either. The Goldilocks solution? A medium-firm mattress! It's like a magical sweet spot that cradles your curves while giving that much-needed back support.

Here are a few Mattrezzz Guys' hot tips:

You can think of your back pain and mattress firmness like a sliding scale. The more intense persisting pain you have, the more firm your mattress should be.

Good Mattress: The Sealy Posturepedic Summer Rose.

This is a simple and affordable firm mattress.

Better Mattress: The Sealy Posturepedic Determination

This is an ultra-firm and affordable mattress.

Best Mattress: The Tempurpedic Pro-Adapt Mattress

This is the firmest mattress that we sell! The pressure-relieving foam adjusts to your pressure points while maintaining a solid foundation.

Support Sidekicks

Your spine needs all the support it can get, so when picking a mattress, keep an eye out for aligning your body's natural curves. Memory foam and hybrid mattresses are like the Robin to your Batman, contouring to your unique shape for a super snug fit. Hybrid mattresses are like the Avengers, combining foam with pocketed coils to keep you in line and comfortable all night long.

An adjustable base is the perfect sidekick to a high-quality mattress. Raising the feet higher than your chest can relieve up to 25% of the pressure from your back.

Pressure Points Defense

You're battling the evil pressure points around your hips, shoulders, and lower back. Memory foam and adjustable bases come to save you! These champs are pros at spreading your body weight, giving sensitive spots some TLC. Say goodbye to pain and hello to a dreamy sleep!

Motion Isolation Magic

If you've got a partner in dreamland, you know how their tossing and turning can disrupt your sleep. Memory foam mattresses are like the wizards of the sleep world, vanishing motion disturbances.

There you have it, fellow dreamers - the essential tips to conquer back pain with the power of the perfect mattress! Remember, this isn't a one-size-fits-all adventure. Your back might have different needs from someone else's, so take your time to explore other options. Come into Mattrezzz Guys any time to test drive our beds. And don’t forget about the base! Your back will be forever grateful, and you'll wake up feeling like a true champion, ready to take on whatever the day throws your way. Happy sleeping, folks!


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